Supermarket Secrets – Dispatches part 1

August 12, 2007

How and what we eat has radically changed over the past few decades with the all-consuming rise of the supermarket. But what price are we … all » paying for the homogenised, cheap and convenient food that supermarkets specialise in? In a two-part programme, journalist Jane Moore investigates how supermarkets have affected the food on our plates and reveals the tell-tale signs that the food we buy may not have been grown in the way we think.

Using a combination of undercover filming and scientific analysis, Supermarket Secrets investigates whether the food on supermarket shelves is really as good as it looks, whether prices are as good as they seem and what happens behind the scenes in the production of supermarket food.

This documentry is in two parts. This first part deals with Factory Farming, chickens, and general quality of supermarket food. The second part deals with Cows milk, food standards, food waste, pesticides, food globalization, and loss of quality of our produce.

A very important watch for everyone, gives you facts about the meat and food you eat. After watching you will have more of an understanding of the rational behind Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, and grass-root eating practices.


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